La Sartoria Reading Shop Front

Why in Reading ?

13007172_1292447294103400_8515481634944408871_n Why for us at La SARTORIA Reading is the best place to work :

Bristol? Far too big. Brighton? No thanks.

Cities are overrated. If you want some place nice to work and live then a town is where it’s at and there is no better place than Reading.

You might laugh, you might say “what?!!” but here’s why !

The town centre is dominated by many famous high street names and department stores but it’s the independent, hidden gems that really make Reading.

12987188_1292447317436731_5944115025294595197_nShops like LA SARTORIA and many more offer an interesting alternative to the run of the mill shops you see everywhere

Food wise, local Cafe have a great selection of sweet and savoury delights that will leave you fuller and more satisfied than a Subway or McDonald’s ever could.

Only 25 minutes to London, an hour or so to the coast, and with a gigantic train station, Reading is far enough away to have its own identity but close enough that you can get pretty much anywhere in no time at all.

After Glastonbury, Reading festival is arguably the most popular festival this country has to offer. It has hosted some of the biggest bands in the world and continues to attract huge crowds year after year. You can also nip home for a shower and a poo and be back sharpish.

12985555_1292447354103394_1041260624285997988_nThe Royal Berkshire Hospital, right in the heart of Reading, is where Kate Middleton was born. So the future King of England’s Mum was born in Reading. Royal connections, innit.

We don’t have an annoying accent and our diverse population means there are over 150 languages spoken in Reading.

We’ve got some ruins where a King is buried and Reading Town Hall has the only full size replica of The Bayeux Tapestry in the UK. History, for the win.
Also, The Nerk Twins played at The Fox and Hounds in Caversham back in 1960. Who are they you might ask? Oh , you know, just two young lads by the name of Paul McCartney and John Lennon. No big deal. It’s not like they went on to do

12994488_1292447387436724_3223760633628770652_nThe old Huntley and Palmers biscuit factory, located in Reading, was one of the first global brands and manufacturer of over 400 types of biscuit, including the Nice biscuit. It is also where they filmed scenes for the brilliant film, Bugsy Malone. How cool is that!

The owner of Reading football club is not a reclusive billionaire like Roman Abramovich. He walks around town buying birthday cards like the rest of us. Lad.
Home of a once thriving brewery industry, Reading now has one of the UK’s largest beer and real ale festival

13001183_1292447320770064_5566207068981132625_nJane Austen went to school here And we all know she writes well good. Like me.

Welcome to our town of Reading in Berkshire and hope to see you soon in our shop at LA SARTORIA

Happy Spring !

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