Tailor by Post Service

Tailor By Post

Welcome to La Sartoria Tailor by Post

Tailor by Post

Welcome to our tailor by post service, in just a few clicks

  1. Pin your garments

    From your home, pin the garment that you want alterate

  2. Post it to us

    Book online your delivery to our tailor shop, a soon we will received your garments, we will repair it

  3. We send it back to you

    As soon as we finish the stitch we will post it back to you, we can provide fast track service in 3/5 day or regular service 7/10 days

Tailor By Post

Our service, Tailor by Post, brings our tailoring services directly to your door. With just couple of clicks you can get your garments altered or repaired at the comfort of your own home. Our highly skilled tailors can replace zips and buttons, make size adjustment, shorten and lengthen hems and any other tailoring you need, just within a week or so.
How our Tailor by Post works
Choose your garment and mark clearly what you want altered or repaired. If you are not quite sure how to pin your garments, watch our tutorials on How to pin for extra help and guidance. If the task looks a bit too complicated, don’t worry, you can also Book a Video Chat with us and we will assist you. Please remember to note every repair or alteration carefully by using safety pin and a small note. For example, if your favourite pair of jeans has several holes mark all those you want repaired separately. Our Tailor Kit has all these small tools to prepare your garments – you can order our Tailor Kit here.
Print out our form and fill it in with your details and any special notes of the delivery and / or alterations. You can also send us an email with image, photo or video you wish to share with us. If your requested alteration is something more complex and you are not able to find it in our pricelist, don’t worry – we can help you with a quotation, just post your garments and the form to us. Once we have inspected the garment, we will contact with the quotation. On our Tailor by Post online shop, click each garment with each job. At the checkout you pay for the ordered alteration and shipping, unless you have requested a quotation from us, in which case you only pay for shipping. We can also collect items from you – please contact us on 01189 599731 or reading@lasartoria.co.uk. Pack your garments and your form carefully in a mail bag or box and post them to us. We suggest using a tracking service.
Once we receive your parcel, we’ll send you a confirmation of receiving it. If we have any questions, we will contact you before starting. If you requested a quotation, we will advise you of the cost before starting. Alterations will take 5 – 7 business days to complete. Please allow additional days in transit for the delivery. If there will be a significant delay in shipment of your order, we will contact you. Please note: we cannot be held responsible for any delivery delays that are beyond our control. You will receive a notification once the work is done and a shipment confirmation with tracking number(s) once your order has been shipped. The tracking number will become active within 24 hours.
We also provide Express Service
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