The Royal Windsor Horse Show

LA SARTORIA was the tailor of choice for the participants of the Royal Windsor Horse Show that takes place in the private grounds of Windsor Castle. We got our clients trousers tailored, slimmed slightly from the thigh to the knee, then more dramatically from the knee to the ankle and we love the new look …Superb!

Royal Windsor Horse Show it’s the UK’s largest outdoor equestrian event with over 3,000 horses and ponies competing.



It is set in the stunning private grounds of Windsor Castle, and is host to the highest quality Show Jumping, Dressage, Endurance and The Land Rover International Driving Grand PrixDriving Grand Prix, along with a multitude of National jumping and showing classes as well as outstanding equestrian displays.







HM The Queen is the Show’s Patron and often visits to watch her horses compete and does so on an informal basis.




Best dressed for Royal Ascot!

Looking for occasion wear that will meet the approval of the track ‘fashion police’?

We head to the races The official Ascot Style Guide means business: midriffs, shoulders and mini hemlines are banned in the Royal Enclosure with knee length dresses, modest necklines and of course a hat, all mandatory.

For Grandstand ticket holders the rules relax slightly – but belly buttons, strapless styles and anything sheer are still off limits. Guests elsewhere have free reign with the rather stern proviso “to wear smart clothes.”

Ensure you don’t fall foul of the fashion police at upcoming Royal Ascot with our help at LA SARTORIA we will keep you on the right side of the sartorial requirements!


Cutting the Pattern

Finishing up my pattern… One fitting and ready to cut in real fabric ! ?
Pattern making is an art. It is the art of manipulating and shaping a flat piece of fabric to conform to the curves of the human figure.


Pattern making is a bridge function between design and production. A sketch can be turned into a garment via a pattern which interprets the design in the form of the garment components. It’s what architecture is to clothes !

Refreshing a Leather Jacket

This is certainly a common wear problem on dark leather jackets and bags.

It usually occurs on the edges of seams, pockets, sleeves and shoulders.

The wear of the color coat reveals the off-white or grey color under the black.


If you get to the wear when it is minimal, it can usually be reversed and the area protected from future damage.

We do have a solution that is easy and inexpensive!


Reinventing your Wardrobe

One of the saddest things that can happen in our wardrobe is when our absolute favorite item of clothing loses its pizzaz and needs to meet its end at the bottom of the garbage can or be used to mop the floor.


We tend to either throw out that beloved item and go shopping hoping to strike gold and find the same article of clothing or perhaps an updated version that inspires us once again.

However, one can give the old apparel a new lease on life by changing its look and sometimes purpose entirely.

Upcycling clothing is a creative way of repurposing clothing. Here are some very interesting ways to re-create your wardrobe and save some cash while doing it …and we love doing it for you!! ?

After Front


Finally completed our repurposed blouse designed for our client.

We love the results and our client too !!

After - Back

What we do…

La Sartoria provides you with the expertise, quality, reliability and service you deserve at a reasonable price.
Our services include: Custom Tailoring & Alterations for men and women
Shorten sleeves for dress shirts.
Replacement of buttons and snaps.
Reduce / enlarge dresses, shirts, pants, etc.
Fix torn lining for pants, skirts, suits, etc.
Hems for pants with cuffs, lining etc.
Hems for skirts, shorts and dresses.
Clothing redesign & modification.
Home projects including drapes, curtains, duvet covers, pillows and tablecloths.


Why in Reading ?

13007172_1292447294103400_8515481634944408871_n Why for us at La SARTORIA Reading is the best place to work :

Bristol? Far too big. Brighton? No thanks.

Cities are overrated. If you want some place nice to work and live then a town is where it’s at and there is no better place than Reading.

You might laugh, you might say “what?!!” but here’s why !

The town centre is dominated by many famous high street names and department stores but it’s the independent, hidden gems that really make Reading.

12987188_1292447317436731_5944115025294595197_nShops like LA SARTORIA and many more offer an interesting alternative to the run of the mill shops you see everywhere

Food wise, local Cafe have a great selection of sweet and savoury delights that will leave you fuller and more satisfied than a Subway or McDonald’s ever could.

Only 25 minutes to London, an hour or so to the coast, and with a gigantic train station, Reading is far enough away to have its own identity but close enough that you can get pretty much anywhere in no time at all.

After Glastonbury, Reading festival is arguably the most popular festival this country has to offer. It has hosted some of the biggest bands in the world and continues to attract huge crowds year after year. You can also nip home for a shower and a poo and be back sharpish.

12985555_1292447354103394_1041260624285997988_nThe Royal Berkshire Hospital, right in the heart of Reading, is where Kate Middleton was born. So the future King of England’s Mum was born in Reading. Royal connections, innit.

We don’t have an annoying accent and our diverse population means there are over 150 languages spoken in Reading.

We’ve got some ruins where a King is buried and Reading Town Hall has the only full size replica of The Bayeux Tapestry in the UK. History, for the win.
Also, The Nerk Twins played at The Fox and Hounds in Caversham back in 1960. Who are they you might ask? Oh , you know, just two young lads by the name of Paul McCartney and John Lennon. No big deal. It’s not like they went on to do

12994488_1292447387436724_3223760633628770652_nThe old Huntley and Palmers biscuit factory, located in Reading, was one of the first global brands and manufacturer of over 400 types of biscuit, including the Nice biscuit. It is also where they filmed scenes for the brilliant film, Bugsy Malone. How cool is that!

The owner of Reading football club is not a reclusive billionaire like Roman Abramovich. He walks around town buying birthday cards like the rest of us. Lad.
Home of a once thriving brewery industry, Reading now has one of the UK’s largest beer and real ale festival

13001183_1292447320770064_5566207068981132625_nJane Austen went to school here And we all know she writes well good. Like me.

Welcome to our town of Reading in Berkshire and hope to see you soon in our shop at LA SARTORIA

Happy Spring !

La Sartoria on

La Sartoria received a very surprisingly visit this week:getreading
we loved talking with Francesca Perryman and her photographer from !


for the full article:

‘You wear them. You tear them. We repair them’ is the motto of new Italian tailors La Sartoria

There’s a new tailor in town and what they can do with a needle and thread is nobody’s business. Take a look inside La Sartoria in the heart of Reading

Does your sharp suit need some tailoring to get you looking slicker than James Bond?

Or perhaps your dress is in need of the kind of TLC only a fairy godmother can offer.

That’s where La Sartoria come in. The new Italian tailoring and alternations shop has opened up in Reading, and here’s all you need to know.

The new repair and tailoring shop opened up in Market Place in Reading town centre in March. It is run by Francesco Grande together with his wife, Ilenia Mocci who is the shop’s stylist.

Owner, Francesco said: “I fell in love with the Reading town centre a few years ago, finally I found a good opportunity and I opened a shop in Market Place which is an extraordinary and vibrant place full of history.”

“You wear them. You tear them. We repair them” – that’s the simple motto of La Sartoria when it comes to fixing your denim jeans.

Sometimes, what seems like the least significant thing gives the hardest time. An handbag is an investment, so get that pulled thread or that loose strap fixed in no time.

If you would like to adjust the size of your clothes or restore a worn-out clothing item, you are going to need a skilled tailor who knows how to best preserve the garment – and this is the place for that!

Hemming starts from £8, tapering starts from £12, dress alterations start at £10 and suit tailoring from £8.

More details:

For a full price list and to see a portfolio of the tailors work, visit the website.

Open Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm and Saturdays from 9am to 5pm.

Call: 0118 9599731