Jeans Alteration


La Sartoria Tailoring provides a range of services. Below you can see the list of services provided for this product:

  • Shorten Jeans-leg length – Plain Normal Hem, cut extra fabric and make the hem same as original with similar thread
  • Shorten Jeans-leg length – Original Hem, cut extra fabric and re attach the Original Hem with similar thread
  • Jeans into Shorts – Shorten long pair of Jeans into Shorts
  • Let Out Waistband – Make the waistband and seat of pair of trousers looser by adding material (email a price quote)
  • Take In Waistband and Seat – Make the waistband and seat of Jeans tighter
  • Taper Full Leg – Make the jeans-legs tighter from pocket, down to the hem
  • Taper Lower Leg – Make the jeans-legs tighter from the knee, down to the hem
  • Replace Zip
  • Repair pocket
  • Repair hole with patch


Prices are subject to change.
For questions, please contact us at 01189 599 731 or


The tailors and seamstresses at La Sartoria Tailoring provide top quality jeans alterations. Our tailors shorten hem with normal hem finish or original jeans hem finish, take waist and seat or taper legs. We also replace zip on jean and patch any holes & any other alterations you need.

Feel free to bring your jeans into La Sartoria Tailoring in Reading, Berkshire or use our convenient Tailor by Post service.

For our Tailor by Post service see bellow a list of alterations you may be able to pin at your home but if your wished alteration is not listed just send us your jeans and a detailed description of your wishes. After our experts have reviewed your jeans and description, we can then quote you a price!


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