Soft Furnishing

Here at La Sartoria, we also offer a soft furnishing service that covers a wide range of products. This includes made-to-measure curtains, roman blinds, throw cushions, table runners, bed valances and bed covers.

Updating soft furnishing is one of the simplest and sometimes also most cost-efficient ways of giving your home a new refreshed and maybe seasonal look. Add a splash of colour with new cushions with crazy piping or perhaps a new window dressing to make a space look more individual.

To get started on your bespoke soft furnishings, all you will need to do is book an appointment for a chat with our team of experts. It’s important to note that unfortunately, during the current climate, we will be unable to do home visits. Yet, for any further information, make sure to contact us by emailing us at or by calling us on 01189 599 731.


Curtain Alterations

We all know the stress of trying to find some ready-made curtains that fit a specific window properly. They are always either too long or too wide and as a result they simply just don’t look right, not achieving the overall look you paid for in the first place.

The answer to this problem is our curtain alterations service.

Here at La Sartoria, we understand the importance of having the right curtains that fit perfectly, which is why we offer a full array of curtain alterations that will transform your home.

Maybe you have just moved into a new home and want to reuse your old curtains? Or maybe you have found a nice pair of ready-made curtains, but they are just too long or too wide. We can also exchange the lining for a new fresh one or even add black-out lining.

Bespoke Made-to-Measure Curtains

When you’re choosing curtains for your home, it’s important to make sure that they’re perfect. After all, you want them to fit in with and follow the overall look of your space.

Here at La Sartoria, we make designing and creating your perfect curtains simple and we will help you create something that is truly unique to suit your home.

Your new curtains can have a traditional Pencil Pleat or Pinch Pleat heading which we can create either with a traditional hand-stitching system or with the help of a more modern tape system. Or maybe you prefer the Eyelet heading.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are perhaps the most popular choice these days. We make them using the latest cord lift system, provided with a safety blind controller to ensure that the blind cord is securely and safely attached to the wall. Roman blinds can be fitted inside or outside the window recess depending on your preference.

How Much Will Our Bespoke Soft Furnishings Cost?

The total cost of your bespoke soft furnishings will depend on what you have requested and the overall task at hand. For more information on the prices of our curtain alterations, bespoke curtains and cushions, be sure to take a look at our price list.

Why Choose La Sartoria Reading?

Here at La Sartoria, we are proud to have a team of talented tailors and seamstresses who are passionate about what they do.

Whatever you need will never be too much hassle and we will ensure that you are offered nothing but excellent customer service. In fact, we have been recognised time and time again for our outstanding attention to detail and reasonable prices, all paired with unbeatable customer care.

Whatever soft furnishings you may be looking for, be sure to get in touch with our team of experts today, by emailing us at or by calling us on 01189 599 731.