Jeans Tailor Near Me


Your garments are to compliment you; they are to make you feel as if they were made just for you. It can be your new favourite, your old friend or one you received as a gift that was not quite what it should be or was before – we are here to help!

For this service we would require you to book an appointment. During this booked fitting we will together discuss your wishes and advise you on the available options for enhancing, updating and restyling your garment within its original style – turning a dress into a skirt, merging two dresses into one, exchanging a bodice, adding fur or leather collars and cuffs, updating a vintage garment, none of these tasks are impossible for us. For this consultation session we would like you to bring your garment and (if you have any) photos or drawings for ideas, or even fabric swatches etc – please do bring them too. We will discuss your vision together and explore the available possibilities. Once we have found the right style, we will take your measurements and start tailoring.

One of our aims is for you to enjoy the creative journey as much as we do. This is why we would really like you to get involved – we assist, inspire and advise you so that you will arrive at the best possible solution, which we will then execute as project for you.

You can book an appointment here online, by emailing us on or by calling us on 01189 599 731.

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