…Royal Ascot Inspirations

After the Grand National, Royal Ascot is the Nation’s most watched and talked about equestrian event, famous for the mind-boggling hats as much as the actual races.

With its incredible visual extravaganza Royal Ascot provides so much inspiration !
For our new window display we added a touch of the fashion along our hat tulle explosion .Here our favorite example channeling the spirit of the event to spectacular effect.????????












The Royal Windsor Horse Show

LA SARTORIA was the tailor of choice for the participants of the Royal Windsor Horse Show that takes place in the private grounds of Windsor Castle. We got our clients trousers tailored, slimmed slightly from the thigh to the knee, then more dramatically from the knee to the ankle and we love the new look …Superb!

Royal Windsor Horse Show it’s the UK’s largest outdoor equestrian event with over 3,000 horses and ponies competing.



It is set in the stunning private grounds of Windsor Castle, and is host to the highest quality Show Jumping, Dressage, Endurance and The Land Rover International Driving Grand PrixDriving Grand Prix, along with a multitude of National jumping and showing classes as well as outstanding equestrian displays.







HM The Queen is the Show’s Patron and often visits to watch her horses compete and does so on an informal basis.




Best dressed for Royal Ascot!

Looking for occasion wear that will meet the approval of the track ‘fashion police’?

We head to the races The official Ascot Style Guide means business: midriffs, shoulders and mini hemlines are banned in the Royal Enclosure with knee length dresses, modest necklines and of course a hat, all mandatory.

For Grandstand ticket holders the rules relax slightly – but belly buttons, strapless styles and anything sheer are still off limits. Guests elsewhere have free reign with the rather stern proviso “to wear smart clothes.”

Ensure you don’t fall foul of the fashion police at upcoming Royal Ascot with our help at LA SARTORIA we will keep you on the right side of the sartorial requirements!


Wedding Dress Alterations in Reading

Don’t forget At LA SARTORIA we specialize in Wedding Dress Alterations!
You’ve found your gown, but it’s not quite the perfect fit…yet.
Many gowns need at least some sort of alteration, but keep in mind that your alteration issues can vary greatly, depending on where you got your gown and how many changes need to be made. But if your expectations are in order and you go to the right seamstress or tailor, you should be ready for your wedding day with a gown that fits flawlessly!

Timing Is Everything
It’s important to time your alterations right. Bring your gown in too early, and you might not end up with a proper fit. (You may lose or gain weight after your gown is altered, which could affect the dress’ overall look and fit.) Bring your gown in too late, and you run the risk of not allowing enough time to have all the changes . I recommends allowing two to three months from the time of your first fitting to your last, as an ideal timeline to make all the alterations. Also keep in mind that the amount of times you need to go for fittings depends on how much you’re getting done to the gown — on average, most brides go for three to four fittings
Who to Go to?

To us of course !? you have to go to someone who specializes in bridal gowns — Wedding gowns have so many complex details — from boning to hems and bustles — it’s best to find a professional who will have seen and worked on such gown components in the past. (Hint: Use LA SARTORIA services )
How long should it take?
Bring your dress for your first official dress fitting. This is the time you will find out how well your dress fits. Keep in mind how long you have until your wedding day. If your wedding is a month away, most likely you will not fluctuate in size or weight. So don’t ask for the dress to be taken in an entire size. This is also the time to add any extra beading, sashes, straps, crystals, pearls, etc. Your next fitting should be in about a week or so depending on what month of the year it is. At your second fitting, the dress should fit perfectly with maybe with minor adjustments. At this fitting we will talk to you about the bustle on your dress. And what is best for the style for your dress. At the final fitting, the bustle should be finished, the alterations should be done, and the dress should fit perfectly like a glove. After the final fitting it should be a few days to a week for you to receive your dress. The last thing that should be done to your dress is that the dress should be pressed or steamed so that it looks flawless on your wedding day.
We love our Brides!❤️

Cutting the Pattern

Finishing up my pattern… One fitting and ready to cut in real fabric ! ?
Pattern making is an art. It is the art of manipulating and shaping a flat piece of fabric to conform to the curves of the human figure.


Pattern making is a bridge function between design and production. A sketch can be turned into a garment via a pattern which interprets the design in the form of the garment components. It’s what architecture is to clothes !

Reinventing your Wardrobe

One of the saddest things that can happen in our wardrobe is when our absolute favorite item of clothing loses its pizzaz and needs to meet its end at the bottom of the garbage can or be used to mop the floor.


We tend to either throw out that beloved item and go shopping hoping to strike gold and find the same article of clothing or perhaps an updated version that inspires us once again.

However, one can give the old apparel a new lease on life by changing its look and sometimes purpose entirely.

Upcycling clothing is a creative way of repurposing clothing. Here are some very interesting ways to re-create your wardrobe and save some cash while doing it …and we love doing it for you!! ?

After Front


Finally completed our repurposed blouse designed for our client.

We love the results and our client too !!

After - Back